About Algo Trading

Algo Trading System is a simple mathematical method of trading in the financial markets using logical numbers. Co-founded by IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, Algo Trading System is able to predict the financial markets with a high degree of accuracy than any other indicators.  These numbers are derived using complex formulas developed with expertise and skills and put to stringent tests for accuracy in predicting markets.

This is very important because, most of the time we trade, we get totally lost, finding it difficult to take some of the most important decisions during trading – “Should I close my position, now?”, especially for those who have open positions. For those who are still waiting for an opportunity to enter the market, the most important decision would be – “Should I enter the market right now?”. Whether the money involved in such transactions is big or small, one thing which is the most important is “It’s all MONEY!”.

Algo Trading System defines the market with utmost clarity on the movement of any scrip traded. Our analyses slices the market into 360o to help you better visualize where you are at a particular point in time. Thus giving you a clear picture on the market and makes it simpler for you to trade in that market!